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Garagem Sul / Architecture Center is a place where ideas and practices for transforming the built environment are presented. Based on temporary exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other public programmes, contemporary hypotheses with an impact on ecosystems and society are debated. The projects and works are exhibited with disciplinary rigour and communicated to non-specialist audiences. Garagem Sul thus presenting itself as a centre for architecture, opening the way for shared responsibility in the construction of the habitats of the future.

Events at Garagem Sul are designed to encourage a public understanding of architecture as the art of transforming the physical world and the built environment. Instead of merely celebrating architects and the uniqueness of their designs, we wish to acknowledge architecture as a complex undertaking that calls for close links between all the people and disciplines involved, along with a clear understanding of society: from the economic and cultural context to the systems of production and technological skills. Architecture is an art of synthesis that requires broad knowledge and a specific intelligence for dealing with built things and with the processes of their construction. This unique characteristic means that, in most cases, the discourse of architects is a source of knowledge and inspiration for all those interested in better understanding the context in which we live. For this reason, Garagem Sul’s programming is conceived as a bridge linking architectural knowledge with its manipulation and use in contemporary society.

Diogo Seixas Lopes, 2012-2016
André Tavares, since 2017

Access to the public with reduced mobility is made through Av. da índia, south facade of CCB, trough Garage’s gate.

From Tuesday to Sunday | Closed on Monday
10am to 7pm
Last entrance 6:30pm

213 612 614/5 (call to the landline network)

Corporate Support

Fundação Millennium bcp


Amorim Isolamentos
Super Bock Group


Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa
Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade de Lisboa
Ordem dos Arquitectos
Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

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